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Breyer Harper - 2016 Horse of the Year 62116

62116 In Stock

The world’s ‘most asked for' horses since 1950! Hand-painted and accurately detailed – no two are exactly alike!
Breyer Harper - 2016 Horse of the Year
  • This limited edition Pinto is exclusively available in 2016!
  • Because Pinto is a pattern of coloration, Pintos can be found in every breed type and discipline.
  • Pintos can range from miniatures to draft-type horses, and are used for almost every discipline.
  • Harper has a flashy tobiano coat pattern, with large overlapping spots of color on a white base
  • Box Size: 11"L x 2.65"W x 8"H
$34.99$24.99$10.00 - 29%


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