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John Deere 2000 Logo Metal License Plate LP10278

JD-LP10278 In Stock is proud to offer Authentic John Deere Merchandise to our Valued Customers.  Scruggs Farm, Lawn & Garden is a full service John Deere Authorized Dealer, and  we have authentic John Deere toys, collectibles, and products. You’re sure to find something to satisfy your need for John Deere green !
John Deere 2000 Logo Metal License Plate
Looking for a vanity plate that looks great on the front of your vehicle?  The John Deere mirrored trademark license plate adds a bit of sophistication to your hard-working auto.  The mirrored background reflects everything in front of it, creating a sharp contrast to the John Deere trademark in solid black.  Easy to install in any license plate holder with mounting holes in the four standard spots on this 12"x6" black mirror license plate.
Product Features:
  • Mirrored background
  • Black John Deere trademark
  • Ready to install in license plate holder
$9.99$6.99$3.00 - 30%


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