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Pennington Seed Rackmaster Clover Trio 5 Lb Bag

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Pennington's Rackmaster Trophy Radishes are great planted alone or they make an ideal companion species.
Pennington Seed Rackmaster Clover Trio 5 lb. Bag
Rackmaster® Clover Trio is ideal for planting a perennial food plot for deer and turkey. This clover blend is a combination of white large leaf (ladino) clovers that will provide high animal nutrition. It is a pre-inoculated seed blend that is widely adapted and should last for up to 5 years if properly maintained. Clover Trio Seed Mix Contains three clovers selected from Red & White Clovers. (Formerly known as Rackmaster 308 clover). The Clover Trio mixture is ideal for planting for both Deer & Turkey. Composed with specially selected clovers for planting food plots in the South, Southeast and Midwest. Rackmaster TRIO Clover Mix produces a high quality forage that will aid in antler development and general animal health.
  • 50% Dixie Crimson Reseeding Clover
  • 20% Medium Red Clover
  • 20% Patriot White Clover
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