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Cactus Ropes Magnet 32' Head Rope MAGHDXX

Cactus Ropes Magnet 32' Head Rope


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Head Rope Lays

The Magnet fits most every roper and style.  Inspired by Carnish Jennings the Magnet is uniquely small in diameter making it the fastest rope you'll ever swing.  The Magnet feeds so smooth and fast it is almost impossible to wave off the horns, making it the number one selling head rope at Cactus Ropes.  
  • Nylon Poly Blend
  • Length: 32'
  • Diameter: Small
  • Lays: #1 SS, #2 XS, #3 S, #4 MS
Head Rope Lays
Head #1 - Super Soft
The #1 Super Soft is the softest rope Cactus makes.  This rope has the most tip weight of any rope on the market.  This is the rope they like to see novice ropers start with because it is so easy to swing.  Also used by some top-notch ropers who like a soft rope with lots of body.
Head #2 - Extra Soft
The #2 Extra Soft is Cactus' most popular rope.  It's used by the novice up to the professional roper.  This rope works great on all types of cattle.  The #2 Extra Soft has traditionally been the softest rope, but Cactus developed the #1 SS for ropers that liked an even softer rope.
Head #3 - Soft
The #3 Soft is Cactus' second most popular head rope.  It is mostly used by ropers with experience and more rope handling ability.  It has enough stiffness that it can be swung harder and thrown harder than the #1 and #2 ropes without the loop closing.
Head #4 - Medium Soft
The #4 Medium Soft rope is used only by the most experienced headers.  Because of it's stiffness, this rope requires more skill to deliver.  It has enough body to use as a softer heel rope.
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