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Farnam No Chew 32 Ounce Spray

10711802 In Stock
Farnam® is the brand pet owners
Your Partner
in Horse Care
Farnam No Chew™ 32 Ounce Spray
Clear, non-staining formula contains natural ingredients!
  • Non-flammable and contains no petroleum distillates
  • Can be applied on all wood surfaces, indoors and out
  • Dries quickly and is not affected by moisture once it dries
  • Can be applied in wet weather
  • An economical, effective way to put a halt to chewing that doesn't affect the environment or the horse's health
  • 32 oz with trigger sprayer
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Average Rating Average Rating 5
5 stars.
This is a great product I not only use it for my horses, but I have also been able to use it to train puppies from chewing on the things they shouldn't.
5 stars.
This product is GREAT!!!! use it for the horses and the pups.

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