Zep Crystal Heat Drain Opener (32 OZ)

Zep Inc

Crystal Heat Drain Opener dissolves clogs to open blocked drains. The fast-acting, professional-strength formula melts grease, soap scum and hair on contact. It is perfect for tough clogs in the kitchen and bathroom as it is safe for pipes and septic systems.

  • Dissolves Clogs To Open Blocked Drains
  • Fast-Acting, Professional-Strength Formula Melts Grease, Soap Scum And Hair On Contact
  • Perfect For Tough Clogs In The Kitchen And Bathroom As It Is Safe For Pipes And Septic Systems


1. Remove as much standing water as possible from sink or tub. Make sure water in drain is cool. 2. Slowly pour 1 heaping tablespoon of Crystal Heat Drain Opener directly into drain. Do not allow product to contact any sink or tub surface or fixture. Damage may occur. 3. Add 1 cup of cold water to drain. Immediately cover drain opening with a bowl to avoid splash back. Do not completely seal, as pressure can build up. 4. Once drain has cleared, flush with cold water. 5. If drain remains clogged, repeat steps 1"5. Avoid physical contact with standing water in sink from the first application, as burns may occur. 6. If after two treatments the drain remains clogged, consult a plumber.

Pro-Tip: Crystal Heat boils away the toughest build up. If the first application does not work, reapply. 32 doses per can.

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