Ramik® Mouser Refillable Bait Station


The Ramik® Refillable Bait Station is a great option for the homeowner looking for an effective rodent control solution. The package includes a refillable bait station and mini bars. The Ramik mini bars contain a proven and effective anticoagulant rodenticide and will be kept securely inside the bait station. The station's two small openings allow easy access for mice to enter and feed, but prohibit access to children.

  • January 1, 2024, in compliance with CA AB1322, Neogen will be limiting sales of Diphacinone to ONLY licensed pest control dealers in California. Please contact your licensed pest control dealer to purchase Ramik® products in California.
  • EPA compliant child resistant refillable bait station.
  • Contains Ramik Mini Bars.
  • Easy to use bait station.
  • Resealable pouch packaging displays great on the shelf and keeps the bait fresh.

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